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GLOBALPEACE.TECH is a free platform dedicated to peace technologies and their applications.


GLOBALPEACE.TECH is a community focused on sharing the intersection of philanthropy, social benefit, the environment, and technology.

Q. What types of content do you publish?

GLOBALPEACE.TECH features a variety of areas and applications within peacemaking and technology.

Q. Is there a print version?

No, GLOBALPEACE.TECH is a digital publication. We have no plans to ever become available through print media.

Q. How often is content updated?

GLOBALPEACE.TECH is updated on a rolling basis due to the exciting and quick pace of technological innovation. You may subscribe to our monthly newsletter for a recap of highlights.

Q. Who do I contact about republishing content?

We allow the republishing and sharing of original content as long as we are credited and there is a link back to the original article on GLOBALPEACE.TECH.

Q. How can I get an article published?

Please visit our Media Kit for information.

Q. Is advertising available on your site?

Please visit our Media Kit for information.

Q. How can I contact the editor?

We welcome interested individuals to reach out and contribute with feedback and content to enrich our community.

Please contact us in the following ways:

On our site: Contact Us
By e-mail: editor@globalpeace.tech