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GLOBALPEACE.TECH aims to provide the unique perspective of international peace as achievable through technological innovation. We believe that technology can enable a more just, equitable, and safe future for the entire planet.

GLOBALPEACE.TECH was conceived at the United Nations during the Blockchain for Impact Summit in June, 2018.  Delegates from across the world convened to explore new ways of advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through technology. It was there that we realized there was a need for more outlets focused specifically on peace technology. GLOBALPEACE.TECH was developed to responsibly and ethically satisfy that need, while promoting the use of technology toward improving our shared global future.

We believe that technology is the key to a more peaceful future. We have already experienced the power of technology to promote equality, and we believe that power can scale to positively impact every nation and every person. GLOBALPEACE.TECH has an agenda of promoting the cross-pollination of ideas that are critical in developing and strengthening partnerships between peacemakers and technologists, as well as public and private sectors. These are the collaborations that will be critical in making the necessary impact to carry us into subsequent centuries.

“The imperative for action around the advent of new technology is an opportunity to really start to build businesses that have purpose, start to build technologies that are scalable, start to bring people together not to recreate the wheel, but to make it faster around an agenda that 193 countries have already come together on–the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.”

Sergio Fernández de Córdova